Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Moms Just Know These Things..5/31/06

It amazes me how we know things that we do about what’s going on physically with our kids. In yesterday’s blog I was suspicious of the quiet morning Billy Ray had. After support staff came he was whining a bit and I asked him in he needed some pain medication. His staff said “I don’t think he is in any pain”.

Until someone gets used to the difference in Billy Ray’s sounds it would be easy to mistake the difference. He is often noisy especially in the morning. Mania and hyperactivity usually includes noise for Billy Ray. However, it is boisterous and accompanies lots of activity. Quieter whining is entirely different.

Other signs were there too - he was grinding his teeth, chewing on his fingers, not as energetic as normal.

His “Doctor Brice” is at a conference so Billy Ray saw his colleague yesterday afternoon. He has a sinus infection. I can’t identify with his experience with pancreatitis but I sure can understand what he is experiencing with a sinus infection because I have experienced those many times. He certainly has a right to whine and not be his normal high energy.

I once wrote that Billy Ray is a trooper because he co-operates with most of the treatment he needs like daily blood sugars and nebulizer treatments. It is the same this morning. He slept from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. last night but it can’t have been restful because he was clearly congested and wheezing. He tossed and turned most of the night being on the verge of waking up everytime I checked on him. Nevertheless, he was awake and completely focused on getting dressed at 5 a.m.

He is following his routine with some modification. For example, instead of pacing with his walkman to get the early morning energy out, he is listening to it in a recliner. He fed his dogs and is planning his day to deliver meals on wheels. I checked with the clinic to assure that he is not contagious and was okay to do that. No matter how sick he is his routine is important to him.

His acid reflex (GERD) and pancreatitis seem to be improving well. Dr. Masterangelo changed some increased his Nexum, moved all the Zantac to evening and added some pancreatic enzymes recently. We are able to add a little more fat to his diet including the fiber cookies that help so much with his regularity. As his assistant said yesterday, Dr. Masterangelo is a miracle worker. I would have to agree.

Regarding my work, I have been asked to become a Club Mom Expert. I am in the process of writing articles to be placed on that site and will provide the link to them when they are available for review. This new chance to interact with other Moms is very exciting.

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Lora said...

I am hoping that Billy Ray is feeling better soon. I am glad to hear that his GERD and pancreatitis is doing better. Maybe his energy will be back to normal soon, I've got my fingers crossed. I am looking forward to reading your articles for Club Mom. You and Billy Ray have a good day. Hugs from me and Griffin :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Ívar, I'm from Iceland and I am trying to find someone who I can speak to about my daughter. She has pancreatitis and is the only child here in Iceland with this condition (er are only 300.000) In the hospital I get very few answers and the doctors don't seem to know what to do! I am hoping that someone can share some answers with me!!