Friday, November 04, 2005

Billy Ray is a Tropper

I continue to marvel at how well Billy Ray tolerates the procedures that must be done for his medical care. He sits there calmly while we do the finger pokes for his blood sugar despite the fact that Mom is just learning to do them and on occasion has to poke more than once.

When he has to have an IV or blood test at the lab he sticks his arm right out there and holds it pretty still. The technicians who draw his blood are really lucky they are drawing from him not his Mom. My father's side of the family passed down rolling veins to me. My veins will literally jump off the needle. I have had so many bad experiences in my life I squirm when I have to have blood drawn. Not Billy Ray, he cooperates so well.

Yesterday he had a catscan. One of the technicians commented on what a good patient he is in comparison with many patients they see.

This morning I was thinking of something I read by Wayne Gilpin, Future Horizons, talking about his son complimenting him and then saying he didn't want to hurt his Dad's feelings. Mr. Gilpin said Alex gives and Alex takes away. That is what I am thinking about Billy Ray this morning. He was so good yesterday during the procedure and he was so tired that he crawled into bed on his own at 6:30 p.m. last night. I got a quiet evening last night which doesn't happen to often. However, he woke up for the night about 1 a.m. so we have been up since then. Billy Ray, too, gives and Billy Ray takes away.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou

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