Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Sky Is Not Falling...It Just Feels That Way

I shared my thoughts relative to the Supreme Court's placement of the burden of proof in two recent posts The Burden of Persuasion and Parents Have the Burden of Proof...What Else is New. I have been reading many comments on various blogs and in the media about this decision. I wanted to share one encouraging one with you. It was titled The Sky is Not Falling by Attorney Charles Fox, also the father of a disabled child, on Special Ed Law Blogs. I think you will find it informative and encouraging. I have this blog listed in my links (on the right side of this blog) because I found it informative and thought it would helpful to parents.

I was thinking about the title of Mr. Fox's post, the Sky is Not Falling. As parents disabled children everything seems more overwhelming to us than it might otherwise be. For example, yesterday we met with my son's county case manager and talked about the new Medicare prescription coverage. The process of exploring which insurance provider who works with that program that will work for my son's individuals needs seems a daunting task in light of other things I am trying to accomplish right now for my son and in my work.

In those of us who experience sleep deprivation because of our children's issues with sleep, even small problems seem major mountains when they might be molehills if we weren't dealing with others things at the same time. I wrote earlier the elation of success is higher because our children (and therefore parents) have to struggle harder for milestones. The same applies to problems and stresses, everything seems harder.

We can do this.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou

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