Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So Much Fun

It is fun for me to see Billy Ray emerging as his old self. In addition, hearing Ron, his support staff (pictured here giving Billy Ray high five following a strike bowling) marvel at the difference in Billy Ray is great. He keeps saying I guess all we needed to do was get rid of the pain. Probably more involved than that because we have changed meds too but he is right Billy Ray's old charm is returning with rapid speed and without nearly as much agitation.

I looked through a lot of the childhood pictures to try to find one that would capture this charm (that I haven't already posted here). Probably my favorite one that shows his little impish type personality is already posted here. But here is one taken when he was four years old that shows the charm I am trying to describe too.

We need to call his barber today and get his haircut. He has been so sick that he has gotten shaggy. I will try to take some current pictures after that.

This newly re-emerging Billy Ray is keeping us busy reinventing schedules to keep him challenged at just the right level. His timing is not wonderful because I am also involved in publicity for Parenting Your Complex Child and writing some articles for Club Mom. Nevertheless, we have to capitalize on his need for new challenges while we can.

My consultant friend, Keddie Wanless, is helping me by contacting some of the community resource possibilities for adding activities and assisting with the schedules.

It is worth every effort to see our Billy Ray enjoying his life more.

Until next time,
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K.C.'sMommy said...

Cool Billy Ray!! Is that Billy Ray giving a high five in the first picture? I bet it is! I have been trying to teach K.C. to give high fives but for some reason when I extend my hand and grab his to slap in mine he hasn't quite got it. Yesterday I said, "K.C. give me 5!" I put my hand out and he gave me his foot. He's a funny kiddo!

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Hi Tina:

That's Billy Ray and Ron at the bowling alley. We say "5 fingers" instead of give me five. That might help KC to know what you want.

Bonnie sayers said...

Nice photo of Billy Ray as a youngster!